J1 League Cup Final Clontarf Old Belvedere

Third Trip of the week to Castle Avenue. The J1 Hosted Old Belvedere For J1 league cup Final.

After a slow start but With a defence that was to prove their strength, the Clontarf Reserves began to pull away. Half time 12 -3 With a try under the posts and one in the Corner. The second half was similar allowing ‘Tarf to take the cup.


Complete set of Photos on Flickr


Clontarf Lansdowne

Friday night game in Castle Avenue where Clontarf Hosted Lansdowne.

Things started very badly for Clontarf with a Try from Lansdowne in the early minutes of the first Half. The Host clawed their way back to the front, with 3 well taken tries. Unfortunately for the Clontarf faithfuls The second half fell short in quality and saw Clontarf only score a penalty. Lansdowne in the meantime scored a penalty and a try but could not get back on the scoreboard.

You can find the complete set on Flickr