Clontarf – Trinity … The boys are back in town

A highly anticipated return to castle avenue for Clontarf as they had the week before stopped their losing streak in Lakeland beating Terenure.

The game started with Trinity holding on to the ball well but lacking the necessary cutting edge to make inroads in the hosts defence.

Clontarf seemed to lack accuracy at first but presented with their first opportunity they pounced and Grabbed the lead never to let go of Trinity. To their credit Trinity never let go and tried till the end.

Final Score 33-0

Full set on Flickr


Clontarf Blackrock Under 20 Clontarf J1 UCD

Under 20’s Playing Blackrock in a thrilling game that saw Blackrock take the lead early in first half with ‘tarf mounting a strong come back to retake it. A strong  second half start saw rock retake the lead. Clontarf then scored 2 tries to again take the lead. Blackrock mounted a late challenge to attempt to steal the game at the death. Fortunately for ‘Tarf the las kick missed the target.

The score 22- 21

I missed the J1 first half but during the second half  J1 Layed  siege to UCD line most of the half to little reward. UCD caping the Half with a turnover try.

The Score 7 – 28

Under 20’s flickr album

J1 Flickr album