Clontarf – Lansdowne – Mud Sweat and Mudmen

The weather has been poor to say the least and the main pitch in castle avenue has been in  a bad state.

Both team were intent on playing but Clontarf during the first half confiscated the ball and pushed Lansdowne defence into making faults. Lansdowne towards the end of the half managed to get a bit of possession and scored a penalty from rather far out.

Half time score 9 -3

The second half saw Lansdowne followed up on the late first half form  for a while before Clontarf took the control back. A penalty was all the rewards the hosts could get; before a late  fightback from Lansdowne saw their hopes of a losing bonus point dashed as the kick strayed.

Final score 12 -3

Full set on Flickr

Clontarf – Balbriggan Ladies

This match was marred by a serious knee injury to one of the Clontarf players. It took an awful long time to get an ambulance in.

Clontarf was behind by 5 points  5 -10 when I joined after the J2 game.

Sadly the Score did not improve for clontarf as bereft of a kicking game they were unable to relieve the pressure time and time again.

Balbriggan  25 – 5 Clontarf

Full set on Flickr