Des promesses toujours des promesses

J’ai fais quelques photos dans le jardin.
Et traiter mes groseilliers j’ai des espèces de cochenilles dessus :'(.
I did some photos in the garden.
And Sprayed the redcurrants I have some nasty bugs on it cochineal I believe.

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galerie en plus grand
gallery below

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Légère éclaircie

Temps variable sur Balbriggan aujourd’hui et pendant que je préparais mon déjeuner (côtes d’agneau et courgettes sautées).
The weather in Balbriggan has been changeable today and while I was cooking my lunch (lamb chops and sauteed courgettes).

Ça me fais penser à Bashung qui nous avait gratifié de ce splendide morceau.
It reminds me of Bashung who gifted us with this great tune

J’ai fais quelques photos de mon jardin qui s’éveille. Les rosiers vont être assez spectaculaires d’ici peu.
I did some photos of the awakening garden. The roses are likely to be spectacular once again this year.

Pour note il y avait un article intéressant  sur linuxfr qui résume les utilitaires disponibles sous Linux pour les photographes.  Personnellement j’utilise Digikam, UFraw, et Gimp. Comme je ne prend plus que des Photos en Format RAW avec on appareil. J’utilise UFraw en ligne de commande pour faire une conversion simple de mes fichiers en JPG.
As a sidenote there was an interesting article on linuxfr that shortlisted the software available to photographs in Linux. Personally I use Digikam, UFraw and Gimp. As I now only use RAW format with my camera. I use UFraw in command line to do a simple conversion of my files to JPG. I willl have a go at translating it If there are interested people.

ufraw-batch –out-type=jpg *

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OSS barcamp

Short summary of a day at the Dublin OSSbarcamp

Some very interesting stuff.

I really liked went to 2 of the longer presentation in the morning and then joined the talkin’ and rantin’ crew 😉

First one was Zorin OS it’s an Ubuntu spinoff done by Irish students it heavily re-themes Ubuntu to look like familiar proprietary Os’s and ease transition into a more open world. Here is their site

Second one was a talk on automating documentation by Ana Nelson. Very interesting and touched on a lot of innovative ideas (I thought). From virtualisation, automation in general, and data analysis reproducibility.
I did not take note of a web site unfortunately.

The afternoon lightning talks were good

Had seen the UCD crowd earlier they have interesting stuff (between hosting and community interest) (different speakers). opensource Ireland.

ZFS really interesting stuff happening there I linked to wikipedia as the article was recommended.

Also the talk on KDE localisation and poppler was interesting (nice to see what the others are doing there).

A bit left field but interesting was the talk on Muesli.

there was two web specific talks one on Drupal the other one on Web optimisation.

Some photos

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Petit crème

J’ai reçu la mémoire lundi ainsi que l’adaptateur pour le DVD. La machine à été temporairement sur le bureau pour faire l’installation et la copie des certains fichiers. Elle est un peu bruyante pour faire office de PC multimédia mais ça n’est pas vraiment un problème pour le moment. je compte y remédier plus tard. le disque dur n’est pas silencieux non plus. Là encore c’est pour plus tard.
I received the memory and the adapter for the DVD on Monday. The machine was temporarily set up on the Desk to install and copy some files over. It’s a bit noisy to be used as it is  for a HTPC, for the moment that is not an issue.I intend resolve this later.  The hard disc is not really silent either. Once again this is for later.

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