Clontarf – Trinity … The boys are back in town

A highly anticipated return to castle avenue for Clontarf as they had the week before stopped their losing streak in Lakeland beating Terenure.

The game started with Trinity holding on to the ball well but lacking the necessary cutting edge to make inroads in the hosts defence.

Clontarf seemed to lack accuracy at first but presented with their first opportunity they pounced and Grabbed the lead never to let go of Trinity. To their credit Trinity never let go and tried till the end.

Final Score 33-0

Full set on Flickr


Clontarf Normans div 11

A short appetiser before the ail game as the div 11 game started 30 minutes earlier. This gave me the opportunity to catch some snaps of a team I did not get to catch up last week.

The team defensive effort was quite good and they managed to keep the Normans try less.

Final score 25 -6


Full set on Flickr