Clontarf Terenure

An afternoon that promised a lot but failed to deliver.

Clontarf started the game with the wind at their back and after some pressure Scored a penalty from close range.
Terenure after a miss reply with a successful penalty followed up by a try, the conversion was short.

Clontarf managed two more penalties to retake the lead. One penalty after half time Got the visitors back in the lead.

Clontarf pressure resulted in a rain of penalties however kicking for touch yielded little reward until finally Tarf burrowed over the line. 16 -11 Final score


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Clontarf Terenure J5

Clontarf J5 hosted Terenure for a serious match of rugby in a very cold and windy afternoon. Thankfully there was no rain or snow but the sun could not bring any heat.

Clontarf started brightly and with the help of the wind camped on the Terenure line. They could not score but They were wearing their  opponent down, after a missing a penalty they managed to get on the board with a converted try. Terenure replied with a non converted try of their own. Clontarf kept the pressure on and got another try before the break. After the break Terenure scored and converted a try with their scrumhalf sniping from the base of a ruck. all square at 12 -12

Clontarf forward power started to show and as the kicking option would not have brought much they started carrying the ball up as soon as possession was secure. This proved effective in the long run and as the Terenure defence started to give penalties away they were warned by the referee a Yellow being produced a few minutes later. Clontarf scored a try after a midfield break but could not convert. Terenure took a long range penalty to narrow the score. 17 15 (final score)

As usual full set on Flickr