Clontarf Cork Con AIL final

A second go at the final as I have had more time to sort the photos and publish them on Flickr.

A disappointing result for my last game at the club I have to say.

Here is a slightly bigger selection of photos

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Adieux au larmes

Clontarf – Cork Constitution in Lansdowne Road in the final of the AIL is the big Game. and Unfortunately Clontarf this time were not able to come away with the win. Too many penalties and some very important turnover made it for a game were they came up desperately short.

Cork Con 25 – 21 Clontarf

Well done Cork-Con

AIL Semi Final Clontarf – Young Munster

A semi final is a game that will stress your limits.

This was no exception. Clontarf started well but the early try spurred Young Munster on and the home side fell behind, after Younger Munster score 2 quick tries. Clontarf battled back with a penalty and a try on half time to turn the tide.

The second half saw Clontarf running the ball more and more and the visitors could not keep up. Clontarf then lost their way a bit and let in a try. this lead to a spirited but the fight back by Young Munster did not yield enough point for them. Clontarf then scored in the corner and with time running out Young Munster got one penalty try.

Well done ‘Tarf.

Final score 37 -29

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Clontarf – UCD UBL

Clontarf was hosting UCD in the last regular season Game. With a home Semi-final on the line and the top 4 separated by 1 point and points difference there was a lot at stake for the home team.  There was a strong Breeze in favour of the visitors and they made good use of it capitalising on Clontarf errors and scoring at nearly every opportunity.  At half time things were looking poor for the hosts with the hope that with the wind in their favour they would be able to do more. This proved to be right and the Clontarf was able to put a lot of pressure on UCD and finally got the score board spinning in their direction. near the end of the second half UCD got a try but this was too late to make a difference.

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Clontarf – Lansdowne – Mud Sweat and Mudmen

The weather has been poor to say the least and the main pitch in castle avenue has been in  a bad state.

Both team were intent on playing but Clontarf during the first half confiscated the ball and pushed Lansdowne defence into making faults. Lansdowne towards the end of the half managed to get a bit of possession and scored a penalty from rather far out.

Half time score 9 -3

The second half saw Lansdowne followed up on the late first half form  for a while before Clontarf took the control back. A penalty was all the rewards the hosts could get; before a late  fightback from Lansdowne saw their hopes of a losing bonus point dashed as the kick strayed.

Final score 12 -3

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