Clontarf – St Mary’s David O’Connel Cup

Final of the David O’Connell Cup in Donnybrook

This games started very badly for Clontarf conceding a try to St Mary’s and getting a man sent off in pretty much the first act of the game.  Mary’s opened a significant gap thanks to the number  advantage and poor defending by ‘Tarf. The ‘Tarf men started to rally and got on the scoreboard only for Mary’s to reply in kind with another try.  On the stroke of halftime Clontarf had narrowed the gap significantly to 18 -16.

The second half saw Mary’s strike with a penalty however they could not capitalise and from then on the Touze (J2’s) from ‘Tarf seemed to have found a weakness in Mary’s defensive strategy scored 2 tries, Mary’s did not seem to be able to create much in the second half not from lack of trying. A penalty near the 75 minute made the score quite wide 36- 21 . A late rally from Mary’s did not yield any points.

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