Night swimming

Water polo under lights will never get as exiting as this game.

I was testing a new lens and the condition have proved to much for it. 😦

The early exchanges saw UCD and clontarf trade blow Clontarf with two penalties from close range and UCD with a counter attacking try from  a poor clearing kick. The Clontarf scrum and defence looked good and UCD were struggling to gain ground.

The second half saw Clontarf Take control of the game and scored three tries. The first one from a series of pick and go after another good scrummaging effort. The second one from a nice back move that was not spoiled by the greasy ball. And the last one from a rolling maul.

Final score 28 -5 For the hosts.

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Complete Serie on Flickr


2 thoughts on “Night swimming

  1. Well done Laurent.! Jacques Cousteau coudn’t have done any better!

    Now that I’ve found my way to easily see your photos, just wanted to say how well you did in the rain. Lots of terrific shots. Thanks. Love the series of Ariel tackling their No. 15 – sequence IMG 0658 – 0666.



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