OSS barcamp

Short summary of a day at the Dublin OSSbarcamp

Some very interesting stuff.

I really liked went to 2 of the longer presentation in the morning and then joined the talkin’ and rantin’ crew 😉

First one was Zorin OS it’s an Ubuntu spinoff done by Irish students it heavily re-themes Ubuntu to look like familiar proprietary Os’s and ease transition into a more open world. Here is their site

Second one was a talk on automating documentation by Ana Nelson. Very interesting and touched on a lot of innovative ideas (I thought). From virtualisation, automation in general, and data analysis reproducibility.
I did not take note of a web site unfortunately.

The afternoon lightning talks were good

Had seen the UCD crowd earlier they have interesting stuff (between hosting and community interest) (different speakers). opensource Ireland.

ZFS really interesting stuff happening there I linked to wikipedia as the article was recommended.

Also the talk on KDE localisation and poppler was interesting (nice to see what the others are doing there).

A bit left field but interesting was the talk on Muesli.

there was two web specific talks one on Drupal the other one on Web optimisation.

Some photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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