Ubuntu Globaljam

The Irish Ubuntu group had organised an event as part of Ubuntu global Jam. I went along bringing my spare system.

The talks were interesting and this as been a good introduction to other aspects of the open source community.

I did a short talk on translation as I am hoping to recruit some people and raise awareness for Irish language translations.  This I am afraid did not go as well as I hoped.

I realised that language (outside of programming) was not that much of a focus within the group.

Most people attending were technically minded and apart from the Ubuntu team; who already take part in some translation the rest were doubting their language skills.

To confuse me further the diagram of the translation cycle did not appear on the laptop I borrowed for the presentation, stopping me in my tracks.

I managed to get some interest from a few attendants and talked to the UCD open source labs about getting in touch with the linguistic people there.

I will once again act as a recruiting sergeant in OSS barcamp.

In the meantime some photos of Global jam


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